Circ-Uits project meeting in Berlin

Circ-Uits project members

The Circ-Uits international project launched in January 2023, reached its half-year milestone in June 2023.

Project partners met in Berlin, Germany for a one day meeting.

The project is progressing according to schedule, participants currently working on the development of a methodology for the pilot projects.

During the meeting, the participants discussed progress and milestones achieved so far.

The programme, led by the Italian partner Polimi, and involves 20 partners in total, will run for 36 months.

It aims to reduce the negative impacts, mainly on the environment, of the increasing dependence on semiconductor-based systems in the mass electronics and automotive sectors.

The „Circ-Uits” project „Circular Integration of independent Reverse supply Chains for the smart reUse of IndusTrially relevant Semiconductors” will develop digital solutions for the design, manufacture and management of electronic components and end-of-life products. The project also includes testing in a suitable industrial environment.

The aim is to develop sustainable methods, based on a circular model, to reuse and remanufacture semiconductors (materials extracted from waste) from different sources to produce new components and products with high added value.

It also aims to overcome the lack of European semiconductor companies and the dominance of non-EU suppliers.


The project is supported by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme under grant agreement No 101091490.